ANTIQUE Restoration:

 - Complete Restoration: Equipment is fully dismantled, cleaned, repaired and repainted to client specification, parts chromed or polished and reassembled.
- Survivor Restoration: Equipment is fully dismantled, cleaned and repaired to client specification but keeps that "un-touched appearance". - Refurbishment: Equipment is partially dismantled, cleaned and mechanically overhauled.


 - Leak Repair and Recharge - Compressor Replacement - Antique Retrofits - Replacement Parts Including: Fan Motors, Cold Controls, Start Components etc.


 - General Service on all makes & models of soda, candy, snack & combo units including:

    - Lock Drill Outs & Replacement

    - All Vending Problems
    - All Problems Accepting or Returning Money
    - Replacement Parts Including: Vend Motors, Product Buttons, Coin Mechanisms, Bill Acceptors etc.

 - Are you looking to acquire a specific piece of equipment? Call us, we may have it or know where to look. - Do you need a machine moved? We have a great resource for all your moving situations. 

WHAt we work on:

 - All makes & models of soda, candy, snack & combo units and some antique refrigerators
​ - Commercial coolers including: True, Bevair/Universal Nolan, AHT, ACT, Crystal Coolers, Fogel, Helkama, Hussman, Linde, MTL, Mimet & QBD

 - We will come to your home or business or you can bring your equipment to our location.

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